Parks, Recreation and Greenways

The PR&G Board is an advisory board that generally meets the first Tuesday of each month at 9 a.m. at the Village Hall.  The Board is charged with the design of park and greenway systems that can be embraced by every member of Marvin’s diverse community; including members of our rural community, our equestrian community and our subdivision communities. The Board uses the Village’s Parks & Greenways Master Plan to steer the parks and greenway progress. In addition, members of this Board work with the Village Staff to assist with current events, or create new community events that will bring Marvin citizens together for fun community affairs. Board members will sometimes work with the Village’s Planning Board on issues of land planning. Ultimately, this Board’s objective will be to promote recreation and advance a park and greenway system that every Marvin citizen can enjoy and embrace.



The Village of Marvin will be accepting sealed proposals for the comprehensive revision and modernization of it Parks and Greenways Master Plan.

Please click on the following Bid ID # 1001 Parks and Greenways Master Plan if you wish to submit an RFP for this project.



Mary Sipe, Chair
Term exp. 9/1/2021
Andy Wortman, Vice Chair
Term exp. 9/1/2021
John Baresich
Term exp. 9/1/2019
Kristyna Culp
Term exp. 9/1/2019
Bob Nunnenkamp
Term exp. 9/1/2021
KIm Vandenberg, Council Liaison 
Click here for an application to serve on the PRG Board.


2019 PRG Agenda Packets                   2019 PRG Minutes                   2019 PRG Meeting Recordings

2019-01-15                                                                 2019-01-15                                              2019-01-15

2019-02-05                                                                 2019-02-05                                              2019-02-05

2019-03-05                                                                 2019-03-05                                               2019-03-05

2019-04-02                                                                  2019-04-02                                               2019-04-02

2019-05-07                                                                  2019-05-07                                                2019-05-07









2018 PRG Agenda Packets             2018 PRG Minutes

January 10                                                          January 10

February 14                                                     February 14

March 6 Revised                                                 March 6

April 11 Revised                                                  April 11

May 1                                                                  May 1

June 5                                                                 June 5

June 28 cancelled                                               cancelled

July 17                                                                July 17

August 7                                                             August 7

August 30 joint meeting with Council                  August 30

September 4 cancelled                                       cancelled

October 2 Sp/Joint Mtg with Council                  October 2

November 6                                                       November 6

December 4                                                       December 4