CODE OF ORDINANCES for the Village of Marvin, North Carolina, are codified through Adopted Ordinance Number.

This code of ordinances and/or any other documents on this site may not reflect the most current legislation adopted by the Village of Marvin Council.

Ordinances Adopted by Village Council:

OR-2017-10-01 Signs 151.140-151.152

OR-2019-04-10 Trail Standard Ordinance

OR-2019-06-01 Amend the Village Charter to add one Council Seat

OR-2020-01-02 Tree Mitigation

OR-2020-03-01 Amending Section 150.065 Stormwater and 151.062 Stormwater Drainage/Stormwater Detention

OR-2020-03-02 Amending Chapter 90.087 Physical Retraint -- Off Premises

OR-2020-10-05 Subdivision Speed Limits

OR-2020-11-01 Road Repair Ordinance

OR-2020-11-05 No Left Turn onto Marvin Rd from New Town Rd During Peak Hours