ICD Rezoning Process


A.   Application

All applications shall be drawn to scale, prepared by an architect, landscape architect or engineer licensed to practice in the State of North Carolina and must include the information required per Chapter 151.251A of the Marvin Code of Ordinances.

  1. Public Involvement Meeting (PIM) 1

The applicant shall schedule the first Public Involvement Meeting (PIM) in coordination with Village Staff. PIM’s are designed to provide a framework for creating a shared vision with community involvement directed by the applicant with the following requirements:

Applicant to provide an agenda, schedule, location and list of participants such as landscape architects, engineers and the like to answer questions from citizens and service providers. The meeting shall be a minimum of 2 hours. The PIM shall be scheduled during normal business hours.  It is strongly recommended that this meeting take place at the proposed development site. Public Notice shall be provided in accordance with Chapter 151.251(C)(3). 

C.  Planning Board Review 1

After the first PIM is held, the applicant shall submit plans to the Planning Board for their next meeting. The Planning Board shall have the opportunity to recommend and make changes to the application based on the information and comments received. 

D. Public Involvement Meeting (PIM) 2

The second PIM shall be held after the 1st meeting of the Planning Board. The second meeting shall meet the requirements as listed above for the 1st PIM, except that:

The second PIM shall be scheduled during evening hours at the Village Hall or other nearby location agreed upon by the applicant and planning staff. 

  1.  Zoning Administrator Review

The Zoning Administrator shall have up to 30 days following the second PIM or any revision of the application to make comments. 

  1. Planning Board Review 2

The applicant shall submit copies of the application for transmittal to the Planning Board and other appropriate agencies.  The Planning Board shall have up to 60 days from the date that the application is presented to review the application and to take action. 

  1. Action by Village Council

Conditional Zoning District decisions are a legislative process.  Decisions shall be made in consideration of the adopted Land Use Plan and other adopted land use policy documents and/or ordinances.    Additional copies of the site plan may be required for transmittal to the Village Council.

Prior to making a decision on rezoning request, the Village Council shall hold a public hearing. Village Council may hold more than one public hearing and notice of such hearing(s) shall be given as prescribed in Section 151.250(G) of the Zoning Ordinance.  Once the public hearing has been held, the Village Council shall take action on the petition.