Commercial Construction Plan and DRB Review

 (A)   After a parcel(s) is rezoned, the applicant’s plans and construction documents will be subject to review and approval in accordance with this section 151.217. Construction documents include, by example only and without limitation, plans for all:
            1.   Road improvements;
            2.   Stormwater detention;
            3.   Pre and post construction best management practices; and
            4.   Grading, soil and erosion control.
 (B)   Concurrently, the Design Review Board (DRB) shall review elevations, landscape plans and signs.
         1.   Buildings on the site.  A building schematic design submittal should include at a minimum; illustrative renderings and/or pictures of proposed buildings including views from the public rights-of-way, scaled drawings of the floor plans including square footage figures for each floor, rendered elevations of each facade indicating architectural elements such as all proposed door and window locations, openings, sills, bulkheads, columns, types of construction materials, heights, floor levels and roof form and pitch; proposed parking and loading areas, sidewalks and public open spaces; detailed construction elevations;
         2.   Landscaping on the site.  Landscaping plans must include, at a minimum: general location, type and quantity of existing plant materials and areas to be left in natural state; location, size and description for all proposed plants; location and description of other landscape improvements, such as berms, walls, fences, screens, sculptures, fountains, lights, courtyards, walks or paved areas; planting and installation details as necessary to ensure conformance with all required standards in the village ordinances; and
         3.   Signs on the site.
            a.   Plans must include at a minimum: location, size, height, materials and orientation of all proposed signs.
 (C)   The applicant need not submit plans for all buildings, landscaping and signs simultaneously, and may instead submit multiple sets of plans, each of which shall be separately and independently reviewed. 
 (D)  The DRB shall have 60 days from the date a set of plans is presented to it to take action on those plans. The time frame may be extended for revisions.  If the DRB disapproves any plans, it shall state the reasons for that disapproval in writing and shall inform the applicant that it may withdraw those plans. A disapproved application shall be placed on the next scheduled Village Council’s agenda under “New Business” for their decision.