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Mary G. Shkut - Village Administrator / Planner

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I'm excited to begin a new chapter in my service to the Village.  I have been an active member in the Village of Marvin since 2005. I began my career in academia; particularly independent sociological research and statistics.  I worked on research teams in conjunction with prominent professors in their fields.  My independent research focused on Culture, Ethnicity and Identity.  

How I Got My Start in Marvin

Upon moving to the Village, I volunteered to design and execute a local survey, to gauge resident interest in the Longview South Commercial Development.  As is often the case with independent studies, the project required I familiarize myself with planning, zoning and land development practices in North Carolina.  This entailed a study of the methodologies used to measure traffic and trip generation in relation to development.  Before you know it, I was invited to apply to the Village Planning Board.  I was appointed to the Village Planning Board in 2005, along with Paul Cappiello (another senior PB member) and I have been immersed in Village land development projects, and NC City and Town Statutes ever since!   

General History in the Village

I've spent many years as a member, and then Chairperson, of the Village Planning Board.  I was employed to begin working on Village ordinances but, was soon the Village Clerk and Park Development Coordinator.  During this time, I also drafted and executed the Village's first Village-wide Land Use Plan survey, intending to update the Village's Land Use Plan in accord with resident wants and needs.   I voluntarily resigned from the Clerk position and returned to the Planning Board in 2013.  I was re-appointed Chair of the Board in 2014.  At the request of the Senior Planner, I began channeling my land development and local government knowledge into Village policies and codes.  And, most recently, at the Senior Planner's request, I drafted the Village's first full-fledged Land Use Plan, and Village Center District plan.  This would not have been possible without the help of Village resident participation in the extensive Village Land Use Plan Survey.  In order to accommodate commercial development in the Village, I worked with commercial applicants, our Senior Planner, the Village Council and Planning Board to craft clearer land use processes and procedures, along with more suitable design regulations.  The regulations were crafted in order to provide clearer design standards, for applicants and residents alike.  

Special Interests, Related to Development

My family and I love being residents of the Village of Marvin.  I am wife to a very loyal Marvinian (who you'll often find volunteering at annual park events) and I am a mother to two wonderfully talented teens - one beginning high school this year, and the other started university this Fall.

Next to my family, my passions include a love of learning and a love for serving people.  I have a passion for problem solving, policy and people, and an inherent drive to take care of residents in anyway I can.  

In accord with my love of data and statistics, I have taken a particular interest in traffic generation; as it relates to development, and have a keen understanding of the relationship between community uses and the impact varying uses have on roads.

I enjoy collaborating and striving toward goals that continue to make Marvin an enjoyable, yet serene place, for neighborhoods and families.  Few things have brought me as much joy as watching the community come together for events at Marvin-Efird Park.  I look forward to pursuing more community enriching projects like this.  

My General Approach to Village Matters

Perhaps my husband summed up my approach to Village matters best when he said: 

"The way I see it, you care most about two things: (1) What the people want, and (2) What the law says.  
  And, if the law isn't what the people want, you follow the process to change it, but you don't go around it."  

I hate to admit it, but I believe he has me pegged pretty well!

I'm not always the easiest official to pin down (so I apologize in advance for that!) however, I promise the issues that concern you, concern me too.  Once the time comes, each matter receives my full attention, to the extent time, budget and authorities allow.  

Please feel free to email me anytime, with your questions, concerns or comments.  I look forward to hearing from you!




Mary G. Shkut

Village Administrator / Planner,

Fellow Marvin Citizen, Resident, Mother & Wife